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's thanksgiving parade when dozens of balloons dangle over the streets of new york city to the alarm of small child. i defy you to find any phrase that more perfectly describes toupee chump than a giant balloon inflated to gigantic proportions. sometimes he floats outside 45th floor windows. the only difference between him and one of macy's inflatables is that he is full of hot air. well-done. >> well said. well said. >> again, folks, if you want to take action, go to i guarantee if this petition gets up to a million, i have a feeling -- i'm going to guarantee it, i'm going to guarantee the ceo of macy's will have a change of heart. this petition continues to grow, continues to gain traction, toupee chump for his own good and for the good of macy's will voluntarily withdraw. what cares about his signature line of clothes. >> he does. >> he does. look, if you want a good -- hart schaffner marx is not sponsors of this show or one i do on the weekend. buy them, they've look good. you can buy things that are
-up what it is like being a liberal jewish comic. >> i do a show at the playroom in new york city christmas eve and christmas day, i'm doing my liberal jew show and open to everyone -- >> john: so about the only thing open in new york on christmas is your show and chinese restaurants? >> that's true. have chinese food and then come over. i had on my postcard that said liberal jew, and looking at the expressions on people's faces and trying to figure out which word bothers them more? >> john: i think that you speak for a lot more jewish americans than the media might lead one to surmise. >> absolutely, and president obama still got 70% of the jewish vote, 81% of american jews agree with how he is approaching things so i think among american jews there needs to be more introspection. if you just said i stand for the united states, you would rightfully challenge me and say what does that mean? so you say i love israel and support israel in my way of supporting israel is to call fora comprehensive peace settlement. and it's not one side winning or the other, th
in the private sector. so let's take your calls. bill is calling from my hometown, new york city up in the bronx. good morning bill, you're on the "bill press show." >> caller: happy birthday to joe biden. >> john: happy 70th. >> caller: mr. fuglesang, there is a reason you're on current tv and was rejected by cnn. you can't get the job done. you're a total clown and a fool. >> john: don't hang up on this guy. >> caller: no, they want -- >> john: no, listen. they wanted to hang up on you and i wouldn't let them. do you have a specific point to make? >> caller: go ahead and hang up. >> john: do you have something to say? >> caller: why are you a mop-up boy for bill press. >> john: come on. >> caller: you dirt bag. >> john: bill, do you realize you're proving the right wing to be the bullying clowns, that the worst of liberals say you are? did he hang up? >> he hung up. >> john: you're a coward and you called me names. bill, i know you're still listening, i've faced tougher smarter and more verbal bullies than you i
new york. i can criticize new york. somebody from boston wants to come down to my city, they're going to have a problem. so the feels was mitt romney was never one of them. bobby jindal has always been. he was elected -- he was really embraced by the tea party ways. and you know, so he's -- he's really -- appeals to the entire electorate at this point just in terms of where he's come from. the positions he's held. he's not big on state-based exchanges. he's already rejected those. scott walker is probably going to come out against them on friday. >> john: i think you're right. >> john casey is make his own decision tomorrow as well. he's very well respected. going to be very hard for the conservative movement to say he's far too moderate. >> john: zeke miller, it is a pleasure to have you here. we love you in new york, boston. you're always welcome. a few yankee fans may not like you but we mets fans treasure our boston fans. follow you at zeke j miller on the "buzzfeed." thanks for coming in. >> thanks for ha
williams was really critical of new york city and the mayor, for allowing the new york marathon to go forward as scheduled on sunday even though half of manhattan is without power, and a lot of people are still hurting. >> the race starts in statton island, and goes through all five burrows. you look at the surrounding areas, statton island -- >> statton island is part of new york city? >> no, but the other boroughs is what i mean. >> bill: it was not only forgotten, it was hammered. the residents were screaming yesterday saying hey, what about us. >> yeah, kathy webb says focus on the marathon puts focus on the 1% not the 99%. very funny comment on twitter from cy guy, who says they should postpone the new york city marathon until wednesday november 7th by then paul ryan will be unemployed and he can run the race. ben white said if i still lived in stat on the island and saw all of these joggers bussed in, i would go insane. they have the transportation to take the joggers and runners to statton island and yet there are still people trapped there and can't ge
the transcript in the daily news thatted what his comments about the president not coming to new york city. basically saying that today and their goal is to shut government down. they don't want government to work. so they don't want to solve any problems. they don't want a highway built. they don't want an increase in [ technical difficulties ] >> caller: i listed a seventh, and an article that saw. or before that when they've had administrations, they would keep spending all of the cut taxes, >> caller: enough is enough with this. the republicans basically want to take us down you just pointed out sheldon adelson. >> bill: great. great point. thank you for the call. she is really right, republicans -- i'm sorry, some people in the media are already trying to discount right, the president's victory. they know he is going to win, so now they want to undercut it by saying it was a mandate. guess what, if we wins it is not a man to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. vote smart. our democracy depends on an
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6